Vuzix, a supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality products for the consumer and enterprise markets, announced that their Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses will now be supported by the Vuforia AR platform from PTC. The announcement means 400,000 Vuforia developers now have a new hands-free option for deploying AR solutions in the enterprise.

PTC worked closely with Vuzix to optimize Vuforia Engine for the M300, which has several distinct features. According to RealitySpecs, an online database of product specifications for VR, AR, and Smart Glasses products, Vuzix M300 which has a 20-degree diagonal field of view and utilizes a Dual Core Intel Atom CPU processor. The M300, like Vuzix other Smart Glasses products, run on the Android operating system.

The Vuzix M300 has extensive physical distribution channels and is currently shipping devices into 45 countries across the globe with plans underway to expand distribution to 55 countries worldwide. Vuzixmore than 350 M300 pilots across a broad customer base that includes numerous large global companies, and has already moved to volume production.

You can read the full press release about the Vuzix-Vuforia announcement here.