1. The Development of eSports in South East Asia: eSports’ Best Kept Secret
May 3, 2017

The Development of Esports in South East Asia: Esports’ Best Kept Secret

Photo Courtesy of Drew Holt-Kentwell

Esports is a complex industry to navigate. Charting the opportunities and growth areas isn’t easy. Surprisingly, advertisers, investors, and pro teams are increasingly looking towards Southeast Asia for the growth of esports. Why is this under-the-radar market gaining traction in esports?


2. Why Apple and Google are Investing in Eye-Tracking
June 30, 2017

Why Apple and Google are Investing in Eye-Tracking

Apple acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments, an eye-tracking development firm follows Google's October 2016 purchase of Eyefluence, an eye-tracking interface startup. Both of these moves showcase a greater movement to optimize the immersive media experience. But will eye-tracking enable an advanced interface that benefits marketers and developers?


3. E3 2017: The Top 5 VR Games You Probably Missed
June 16, 2017

Here Are The Top VR Gaming Trends From E3 2017

The number of VR demos at E3 2017 has more than doubled compared to 2016. Here are top strategic implications for anyone creating virtual reality applications - both games and non-entertainment alike.


4. How Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controller Represents Haptic Advancement
March 30, 2017

How Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controller Represents Haptic Advancement

At first glance, Nintendo is not a part of the VR and AR market. The company’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, currently has no compatibility with a VR headset. But, the Nintendo Switch is a lot more VR-ready than it first appears.


5. SIGGRAPH 2017: More Power to the Creatives
August 7, 2017

Siggraph 2017 sign at LA Convention Center.

Alexis Macklin/Greenlight Insights

The annual Siggraph industry tradeshow and conference have led to advancements in computer graphics throughout its history. Over the years, the innovations on display at Siggraph 2017 show that visual effects, animation, and filmmaking are as much a work of science as a work of art.


6. In a Data-Driven World, How Will We Engage With Data?
July 19, 2017

In a Data-Driven World, How Will We Engage With Data?

Look VR, available on Steam, lets users see data in 3-D.

In Martin Ford’s Rise of The Robots, the world is driven by growing technology, automated tasks, and information. Indeed, how we live and learn today depends more and more on the data we are receiving.


7. Daydream VR: Behind Google's Product In The Fast-Casual Segment
October 6, 2017

Daydream Nonbeliever: Google’s Race to the Bottom in Fast-Casual VR

As 2017 draws to a close, some industry observers wonder if Google's Daydream will lose its inertia, signaling a lack of commitment by Google to invest in high-quality virtual reality content.


8. What Unity's New Tools Mean For 360 Video
May 5, 2017

What Unity’s New Tools Mean for 360 Video

Discussing 360-degree video in the young VR market conjures mixed emotions. On one hand, viewing 360-degree videos invokes a transportive immersion. But, the reality is that most 360-degree content still has a lot to be desired.


9. How Much Will Lenovo's DaystAR Penetrate The Competitive AR Market?
July 21, 2017

Will Lenovo’s DaystAR Headset Penetrate the Competitive AR Market?

In two short years, Lenovo has emerged as a top VR/AR headset manufacturer and ecosystem player. The company recently announced a smartphone-based AR headset in partnership with Disney, created specifically for a Star Wars AR experiences.


10. What Computer Vision Means to AR and VR
July 14, 2017

What Computer Vision Means to AR and VR

Source: Brigham Young University

Computer vision is a broad field that deals with how computers can be made to gain a high-level of understanding from digital images or videos. While positional tracking will allow AR and VR headsets to see the world, computer vision will enable them to understand it.