Quanta Computer, the world’s largest manufacturer of notebook computers and other technology products, agreed to license several augmented reality optical engine models from Lumus, a leading developer of transparent AR displays. Quanta is probably best known as the Taiwan-based Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for Apple's smartwatches.

Isreal-based Lumus enables high see-through performance and a wider field of view in compact designs through its patented LOE optical technology. Lumus currently supplies optics for the military aviation, health care, and logistics industries. However, the new deal allows for the mass production of the Lumus engine, which should lower the overall total cost to allow for a consumer priced AR headsets.

Under the agreement with Lumus, Quanta will be permitted to produce and market AR headsets featuring Lumus Vision. The deal follows Quanta’s investment in Lumus in November 2016 and represents an important moment for the AR industry. Quanta-built AR headsets with Lumus optics are expected to be available in the market within 12 to 18 months.