Last week was significant for Taiwanese hardware giant HTC as it begins the long-term process of refocusing efforts into becoming APAC's premier player in virtual reality hardware. Here are some highlights regarding the latest big moves from the authors of one of VR’s most popular platforms:


  1. HTC & VRChat

    VRChat Screenshot

    Social VR platform VRChat closed a generous $4 million funding round led by HTC. Could this be indicative of a long-term partnership, perhaps in an attempt to increase focus on social VR as opposed to gaming?


  2. HTC & Beijing Cyber Cloud

    Users stream VR experiences without a PC

    HTC begins an ambitious undergoing alongside Chinese cloud-sharing partners to pioneer a new content pipeline which streams VR content to headsets, which could potentially lower the onboarding costs of high-end VR by a significant margin by cutting out the need for a local PC. 


  3. HTC U11

    The planned U11 Plus handset, successor to the well-received U11, appears to still be on track for release despite the Google deal, sporting a VR-ready processor and generously sized display.


  4. HTC and Viveport Community

    In a move that’s sure to light a fire under the VR developer commmunity, HTC’s Viveport will be waiving it’s 30% revenue cut through the remainder of 2017, allowing creators to collect higher earnings over the next few months.


  5. HTC & Google

    And of course, as the industry scrambles to forecast what the future of Google’s hardware division will look like after the HTC acquisition, HTC themselves will surely refocus their portfolio on VR offerings