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Google has released another content creation VR application, but this time with 3D objects. Similar to Tilt Brush, users can paint 3D objects in Blocks with six tools and a color palette.

Creators can build and sculpt their creations in an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset then export the object. While Oculus' Medium was intricate to appeal to professional artists, Blocks is more approachable. The creation process is simple and intuitive for creators without 3D model experience. The full process is also a quick workflow for professional developers.

Blocks will be a great toolset for developers to create 3D objects for games, animations, and experiences quickly, but the low-polygon objects will only fit in a certain style. Though the final objects are whimsical, they would look out of place in the creative style of most VR applications.

The low-polygon objects are ideal for VR as the quality of headsets and rendering needs to be improved. Mobile VR applications also struggle with rendering a high-resolution experience. A low-polygon won't show the discrepancy between the low visual fidelity due to the processing power.

3D object by Andy Hartzell using Google Blocks.

3D object by Andy Hartzell using Google Blocks.

Blocks will never be used as the main tool for a full VR game or experience, but gaming studios could use it to quickly create a compelling story on a quicker timeline.

Though Blocks will be a powerful leisure user creation application, it will find a home in enterprise use cases as well.  Blocks could be used as a beginning planning tool for interior design, urban planning, and product design.  The simple 3D object creation will help companies that don't have CAD models on hand to quickly create a 3D stand-in. This could speed up the workflow so the initial steps don't need to wait on CAD designers until it is necessary.

Blocks may not be Rhino3D or Blender for VR, but it will find a niche spot in the professional field and could be as admired as Tilt Brush.