Article By Stevi Rex

Stevi Rex is Marketing Manager of Avegant, a leading manufacturer of light field technology and video headsets. Follow her: @SteviRex.

Corporate disruption is coming. And according to Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist at MIT, established, successful companies are often pushed off the top of the pyramid, falling prey to these transitional periods. Instead, he says, organizations that are disruptors will come out on top. McAfee defines disruptors as having four unique characteristics:

  • Evidence driven
  • Outward-looking
  • Platform Builders
  • Faithfully follow data

Disruptors, like Microsoft, are investing their time into three distinct areas. These are the three A’s to corporate disruption.

In an age rich with digital culture, many executives are turning to Big Data to power their business decisions. According to the 2017 Big Data Executive Survey conducted by NewVantage Partners, 37.2% of executives reported investing more than $100M in Big Data. With massive data sets available on human behavior, companies are able to become disruptors by taking this data, analyzing it, and faithfully following the story it tells. Corporations will become evidence and strategy driven, using it to direct business initiatives. Executives can now develop these measurable results from their analysis, and look ahead to investing in emerging capabilities.

One of the emerging capabilities that corporations will find themselves investing in is Artificial Intelligence. AI is transforming traditional ways of doing business as more and more companies embrace the digital transformation. McAfee highlights that algorithms can be more reliable than an expert opinion, which is transforming established businesses, increasing competition, and creating new ways of doing businexss.

Many major companies are already starting to experiment with augmented reality for fear of falling behind. AR is being used for recruiting and training to product manufacturing. Disruptors can expect to use AR to build its workforce, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

Mobile AR applications are the lowest-barrier to entry for companies looking to implement the technology. Although mobile is an inexpensive AR toolset, it can still be effective. Scope AR is one AR solutions company that offers mobile AR applications. Technicians, manufacturers and other members of the workforce can use these apps to increase productivity and decrease cost. Scope AR’s WorkLink walks a worker through a step-by-step custom AR task tutorial, featuring 3D models and task tracking. This reduces the cognitive load on a worker as they can see precisely how to complete a task. Employers can then use the analytics background to see a more complete view of how a worker does their tasks, identifying areas of error and improvement.

A deeper understanding through data analytics can be recorded through AR applications. AR applications analyze the environment and user interaction to successfully run an AR experience. This data, in tandem with an AR application, can rise productivity and save valuable man-hours.

As corporate disruptors gain footing, it becomes inevitable for all corporations to prepare for the  workplace of tomorrow, today.