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2017 Sponsors

VividWorks offers innovative online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform solutions to the global market.
TRICK 3D is a high-end animation studio specializing in the creation of both commercial and original entertainment.
UltrahapticsUltrahaptics is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology. With Ultrahaptics, users can ‘feel’ touch-less buttons, get feedback for mid-air gestures, and interact with virtual objects.
cognitiveVR is a enterprise grade analytics platform for virtual reality, tracking, aggregating, and analyzing visual telemetry information about your users.
Go Touch VR is a revolutionary haptic wearable device for AR/VRVR Touch, generates not just a feeling, but the illusion of touching a real object.
43 PRFortyThree (43) PR is a consumer & B2B tech public relations agency based in Silicon Valley. 43 PR is the official PR sponsor for VRS 2017.