Author: J.C. Kuang

Enter the Dragon: Can the Snapdragon 845 Compete with Apple’s A11?

As the incremental march of technology continues, processor firms such as Intel, AMD, or more recently, Qualcomm, have become low-key giants. Companies such as these largely drive the pace at which consumer-facing technology advances by supplying CPUs to personal computers, smartphones, wearables, IoT devices, and so much more besides. Naturally, the announcement of the newest flagship SoC from venerable processor company Qualcomm has garnered some attention as journalists and pundits attempt to determine how the 845 will affect mobile computing. Specifically, graphics processing and machine learning seem to be highest on the company's list of priorities for its redesigned Adreno...

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Daydream VR: Behind Google’s Product In The Fast-Casual Segment

Whether you're a content creator or an individual user, Daydream is a perplexing proposition. The VR platform debuted alongside Google's much-vaunted smartphone, and yet to find its footing in consumer or enterprise markets. Even though conceptually it represented a worthy alternative to Samsung's venerable Gear VR platform, it was mired by difficulties, ranging from a limited range of hardware support to a persistent lack of engaging content appealing to casual users. As 2017 draws to a close, some industry observers are concerned Daydream may lose inertia due to Google's lack of commitment to high-end content. Content is King Problems begin...

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