Author: J.C. Kuang

Standalone Together: Bringing HMDs to Social and Work

The next generation of XR headsets are significantly better equipped to drive immersion via use cases outside of gaming. New standalone headsets, which continue to populate a growing VR market, are thrusting consumers into new and unfamiliar territory. Use cases outside of consumer VR's original stomping grounds, gaming, are becoming more and more viable. Social giant Facebook envisions its growing hardware and software ecosystem as a gateway to more social experiences. Microsoft's initiatives for the next generation of Hololens indicate a confidence in the future of immersive tools in enterprise. This is in spite of recently axed plans to implement...

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Qualcomm XR1 Plants the First Flag for Dedicated Chipsets at AWE

Kicking off this year’s Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, SoC giant Qualcomm revealed a major new addition to its product line. Dubbed the XR1, the new chipset has been purpose-built to power XR applications, foregoing cellular antenna components to make room for graphics rendering, spatial audio, and  IMU processing. Alongside leadership from Qualcomm, various OEMs such as HTC, Vuzix, and Pico announced their intent to build for the XR1 platform, promising both revamped hardware and ecosystems that would leverage the power of the new SoC. In the years since mobile VR began its steady growth, Qualcomm has enabled...

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