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How Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con Controller Represents Haptic Advancement

The Nintendo Switch is the first ever console/portable hybrid. Essentially, it is a dedicated gaming tablet that allows for two controllers (joy-cons) to be slid into holders on its sides. These two joy-cons can be plugged into a dock to more resemble a traditional controller, or one can be held in each hand. They can also be handed off – allowing two players to share a game with one joy-con each.

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“WordPress” for AR: Streamlining Content Creation Tools

When the Internet was proven to be commercially viable, companies scrambled to build a web presence. Hastily constructed websites appeared overnight, with the vast majority of them failing to capitalize on the full potential of the new technology. The few companies that had web designers had a large advantage over the multitude of others. Web design would spend the next decade maturing and developing, leading the websites of today to be vastly superior to their ancient archetypes. Augmented reality (AR) is currently in a similar situation.

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Snap’s Post-IPO Road Features AR

Snap is rolling out popular AR-enabled features and although these features are the most widely used AR features available to any consumer, the company has not branded the features as augmented reality. Over the past two years, Snap has rolled out different AR capabilities within the mobile app (including: lenses, sponsored lenses, Face Swap, Spectacles, Scissors, and Paintbrush) while simultaneously growing the user base to 158 million daily active users.

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