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What Unity’s New Tools Mean for 360 Video

Discussing 360-degree video in the young VR market conjures mixed emotions. On the positive side, viewing 360-degree video in VR invokes a transportive immersion; a feeling that the user is looking at the world around them. Anything deeper, however, is currently not possible. Add to that the subpar resolution of many 360-degree experiences and 360 video production still has a long way to go.

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NABShow Recap: 360 & VR Breaking New Ground in Consumer Engagement

This year, NAB introduced this idea as the M.E.T effect, with innovators from all ecosystems coming to display their work at the show. With 360-video, VR, AR and other immersive media at the forefront of new media format, many different topics were of interest. Two key takeaways include the disruption VR will have in advertising and the content-driven future of VR.

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