Author: Clifton Dawson

VR & AR Will Push the Limits of Connectivity

Despite the cool factor, AR and VR can will challenge current cellular networks, including the most advanced 4G network. What limits will we hit first and what technologies can manage, store, cache, and deliver these experiences at high resolutions and low latencies? It has been the consensus that future network should realize the goals of thousand-fold system capacity, hundredfold energy efficiency, and tens of lower latency.

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How Chips, Not Engines, Will Power Future of Automotive Experiences

This week, Intel announced a plan to acquire Mobileye, a leading provider of computer-vision technology for advanced driver assistance systems, for $15.3 billion. Mobileye hardware and software solution accurately and rapidly distinguishes between vehicles, pedestrians, signs and the rest of the world around a vehicle – critical functions of autonomous vehicles have transformed how people experience driving.

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Why VR and AR are the New Tools for CXOs

Companies have struggled to adjust to the concept of the full customer journey and the fluidity of the movements across touch points. Businesses are stuck in a mindset of ‘digital transformation’, believing customers don’t think of digital experiences as separate from physical ones.

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