The reports are already out there - Apple is betting big on augmented reality. Earlier this year, the Cupertino, California-based company recently released ARkit for iOS 11 and there have been persistent rumors it is working on its own Apple AR headset.

Now, it has been reported that Apple quietly acquired Vrvana, a Montreal, Quebec-based startup founded in 2005. According to a story in Techcrunch, the Apple acquisition was worth roughly $30 million.

Vrvana Totem Headset

Apple Acquires VR/AR HMD Maker Vrvana

Source: Vrana


According to its website, Vrvana has been focused on the Totem, a high-end visualization, and interaction head-mounted display and off-the-shelf solution for enabling our scenarios envisioned for VR and AR. had previously announced at least six prototype generations. Their last prototype won a Tom's Hardware CES 2017 award for “seamlessly blending” AR and VR, while reducing latency. Vrvana’s Totem uses “inside out” tracking with cameras to track the wearer’s position and infrared sensors for positionally tracking.

Despite its sleek consumer-friendly design, the Totem is designed for the enterprise, which could explain its reported $5,000 sticker price. As of late 2016, the Totem was reported to be in pre-production, and the first units were expected to be shipped to customers by the end of the year.