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This week at the Build Conference 2017, Microsoft announced Story Remix, a new application rolled into the next Creators Update to Windows 10. Microsoft Story Remix is believed to be a viable competitor to Apple's iMovie, the popular video editing software application used by consumers and prosumer videographers. Although Microsoft and Story Remix has been lauded for leveraging artificial intelligence to give users a head start on editing by auto-selecting clips and sequences, the real story behind Microsoft Story Remix's appeal is its 3D object integration.

The Real Story of Microsoft's Story Remix App is 3D, Not AI

Microsoft Story Remix uses the personal data provided by the Microsoft Graph, which links data from mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more, to help users intelligently create and annotate thematic stories combining photos and videos, and 3D objects.

By essentially combining its work with Remix 3D and Paint 3D into Story Remix, Story Remix lets Windows 10 users, which count half-billion devices worldwide, pin objects into scenes, much like how Snapchat's new augmented reality lenses work.

The 3D feature set built into Microsoft Story Remix lets Windows users create mixed reality montages by importing 3D models into movies. This is important as it begins to equip prosumers with the same tools available to professional immersive content creators. Furthermore, as immersive media & entertainment is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020 according to Greenlight Insights' latest Industry Report, content produced consumers and prosumers may soon rival the immersive content produced by professionals.

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