360-degree video has pushed the VR industry to the forefront of social media trends with YouTube and Facebook promoting the new video format. Erica Bishaf, Founder & CEO ofPet Gotcha Day!hopes it can do the same for adoptable pets.

Erica Bishaf

Erica Bishaf, CEO

Chicago-based Pet Gotcha Day!, led by Bishaf, is bringing animal lovers up close and personal to adoptable pets without having to leave their computer or put their mobile device down. Bishaf has developed a pet adoption service that uses 360-degree video technology to showcase adoptable pets through a virtual adoption center. The platform transports the viewer to feel as if they are in the same environment as the adoptable pet, allowing viewers to experience each pet’s demeanor, personality and overarching look through 360-degree videos of the pet playing with shelter volunteers or other pets. The initiative will ultimately increase adoptions through an up-close and personal look at the family’s next furry friend. 

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“360-degree video will allow viewers to get to know adoptable pets in a new way,” Bishaf said. This helps reinforce the idea that every pet is an individual and dispel stereotypes about specific breeds or pets of certain ages. Fully immersive video creates a sense of urgency to adopt as the pet feels more real.  

Shelters have been quick to jump on board. “As an organization, we have been trying to find new opportunities that will not only help us adopt out more of our cats, but also get more exposure for Harmony House, Kelly Brunick from Harmony House for Cats in Chicago said. “Pet Gotcha Day! is exactly what we need!”

For more information, visit www.petgotchaday.com.